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Death of a Nice Girl with Lisa N. Alexander

I KNOW SOMEBODY, HOUSTON © presents Death of a Nice Girl with Special Guest Lisa N. Alexander: This Woman Knows editor-in-chief and savvy business owner Lisa N. Alexander discovered that there's a big difference between being nice and being kind. One lends itself to manipulation and the other empowers. In this session, conference co-host and rehabilitated "nice girl," Lisa will share how nice girls can and do transform into strong women who use the word no and confidently ask for what they want and need. Being nice is a high-cost, low-reward, soul-depleting societal expectation placed on women from childhood. Lisa shares how women can shed their nice girl persona, settle into their places of personal truth and power and instead of being nice, practice kindness on their own terms.

I KNOW SOMEBODY, HOUSTON © is a Non-Profit Organization with a mission of helping women lead empowered lives.

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