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I learned to look for treasures from the best!

Alicia Elatassi2 Comments

Growing up I always knew that Saturday morning meant we would get in our car with my mom and drive to garage sales.

Going to the garage sales was something I hated doing, of course my mom loved it.  She mostly loved the thrill of finding a treasure amongst the old things that the old ladies would put out for sale on their lawns or obviously garage.

One particular house we visited on a consistent basis had a huge array of vintage items like jewelry in crates and dusty glassware that needed wiping.  This lady’s house smelled of old perfume and rancid food, but my mom loved going there every chance she got because she'd find that next purse or pair of shoes she loved.

I mostly figured we took this outing because my mom couldn't afford to buy new shoes and she couldn't afford fine jewelry so she searched high and low for something cheap yet pretty.  More often than not she'd find something really special.

Unbeknownst to me I was learning, despite all the griping to my mom about going with her,  I learned to find treasures.

Years later as I matured, I seriously implemented this idea. In college my sister and I would head over to the Salvation Army for those elusive Levi’s jeans and they'd last us years.  When we needed something for rodeo we would always find to coolest boots and belt buckles at various garage sales in the Heights area.

As I became older I took my treasure hunting skills all over the world. Now my boutique gets unique items that I find in some of the most remote places.  Wooden rings from street vendors, turquoise earrings from Native American communities, wooly boots from a Peruvian mom and pop boutique.  

I’m really grateful that my mom took me on her treasure hunts.

I always make sure she always gets one of my findings when I return.

Alicia Araujo-Elatassi is the proud owner of  Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio, a global contemporary boutique in West Houston.  She brings the world home with one of a kind artisan items and promotes learning with classes and books!  Alicia is also the author of a bilingual book that educates fathers on how to support their daughter's education. She would love you to share the post, like her Facebook page and follow on Instagram!