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Mini Travel Treasure Story: Costa Rican Ring

Alicia ElatassiComment

Bringing little treasures from around the world

When I travel I bring back more than memories and experiences I bring back little tokens that remind me of the places I've seen.  My love for all things local has taken me to so many amazing stores and small boutiques in small and big cities all over the world.

In 2010 we visited this adorable Central American country and it was the paradise I knew it would be. We like to go to a warm places in March for spring break, and upon our arrival to Jaco, I knew I would fall in love with this quaint little town.

As we entered the center of the town, I noticed that there were vendors in small carts and one older gentlemen was selling cute handmade wooden rings. The vendor began to tell me how me makes his wooden rings, I was hooked to the story! It's that labor of love that sometimes we don't get to see when we see a finished product in a store, how amazing that I was getting the backstory. 

Within minutes I saw my little treasure,  a wooden ring with a golden sun. It was perfect!

 My zodiac sign is Leo and the sun rules the Leo heart, It was a sign that this little token had been waiting for me to come along.  Kismet? Maybe.  

I've learned to never underestimate how something small and inexpensive can make you so happy.