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Moms who Care: Mrs. Emily

Alicia ElatassiComment

Moms Who Care Series by Guest Blogger Dariana Velasquez, AAMA Student

The biggest love in this world, is when a woman gives birth to her child, nothing can change that pure feeling. That's what Mrs. Emily Reyna Perez transmits when she talks about her 18 year old child: Matthew. 

According to Mrs. Emily, God choose the perfect mom for a little angel with a special condition called Down Syndrome. She asked for every detail and researched everything about Down Syndrome. 

Matthew loves parties and that's how this big journey for Mrs. Emily and her child started. 

"Mommy, party! Friend!" These words change the life of Mrs. Emily so she founded SPRING BRANCH SOCIETY FOR SPECIAL NEEDS , it's mission is to help these angels and make them feel as normal as any person, their condition doesn't take away the opportunity to have fun and have a normal life. 

The community needs organizations like this, it needs places like SPRING BRANCH SOCIETY FOR SPECIAL NEEDS.  Here at Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio it is our honor to present Mrs. Emily's inspirational story as we celebrate amazing mothers like her. Her organization hosts events in hopes of building "Respect for persons with unique abilities".  Her organization promotes Friendships • Awareness • Inclusion

People can donate and help this organization make significant changes in the lives of special needs children. Matthew and other angels who deserve a life full of happiness.

You may contact Mrs. Emily 713-355-0006 or for more information.

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