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August was brutal!

Alicia ElatassiComment

When you begin a new venture you have the best ideas in mind. You really think that your business will have all the customers it will need to sustain itself.  Reality is something else.  August was Brutal!  

I can say that I was forewarned, so many business owners said to me that August was not when people shopped, that they all leave town or don't walk outside in the Texas Heat!  Jeez I was hopeful that I could be,  I was right up there with their expectations.  

Rusk and I began this venture with the idea that we'd have a place to showcase our travels and share with our community the beauty we have seen.  The truth is its a lot harder to share than we expected.  I wish I could say that people flocked to the new contemporary boutique in their neighborhood, no they didn't.  We have to work super hard at attracting traffic, although I feel that our items are one of a kind, that's not enough.

We keep on going.  

We assess what we love and what we have to change.  We also seek out advice.  We have contacted other people who know us to help us with establishing our concept and thus the "Alicia" brand.  

My heart and soul is at the heart of this shop.  Shopping local means so much more to me now, it was always important but now its essential.   I hope that people can take my open heart and embrace it because this is what my boutique is to me.  It's the culmination of years teaching in the public schools, the community college with adult learners, public university with young adults.  

When It is about having an outlet for my love of teaching and my love for all things just keep going!