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Adrian Garcia Fundraiser

Alicia ElatassiComment

July 17, 2015

I knew I wanted to do something for Mr. Garcia because he did something for me that although it was probably small in his world it meant a lot to me.  I asked him if he would give my little book a quick read and provide a quote, of course I waited for the usual answer of “I’m very busy at this time” “ I wish I could but I overwhelmed”, etc. He didn't he said, "Sure send me the file and I’ll be happy to do it!"  Today my little book is an award winner and his quote stands proudly on my media page.  This small gesture showed me that he is someone who says he cares and he actually does what he says his going to do! I like that!   

Hosting an event like this at my Boutique is so exciting because the space lends itself for fabulous events and my co-Coordinators  Cristabel Jimenez, Jennifer Barrera, Mercedes Sanchez, Rebecca Reyna, Victoria Cordova, Amy Gasca, Amir Eskafyan, Robert Benavidez made it all possible. 

As you can see we had  a wonderful turnout and the food was amazing provide by Our Fabulous collaborators Sweets by Belen and A la Carte Catering & Events!

We can't wait to host the next one!