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Getting Simple Sugars Scrubs a Highlight!

Alicia ElatassiComment

I knew when I opened this boutique that I wanted to bring in items that were meaningful to me and that I knew came from a good place.  This is when the idea to get Simple Sugar Scrubs entered my mind..we are avid Shark Tank watchers. The boys and I make it a big deal with popcorn every Friday and cuddling in bed analyzing business deals while we begrudge Mr. Wonderful's delivery.  WE love that show, but what I love the most is when the young women walk in with a great idea and I can't wait to try it. Mark Cuban invested in Lani Lazzari the young entrepreneur who created the yummy scrubs, they are as delectable as you'd think.  The smell fills my boutique in a fresh natural scent.  I called their main line and said I'd love to buy wholesale to sell at my boutique-  right away they reviewed by application looked at my venue and said YES! Sharing my loves with others makes me so happy! I introduced them for Mother's Day and they were a big hit... as I knew they'd be ; )