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Bringing the World Home: Morocco

Alicia ElatassiComment
Photo by my gracious Instagram husband Rusk!  

Photo by my gracious Instagram husband Rusk!  

We first came to the idea of visiting Morocco when during our stay in Disney  World our Moroccan waiters insisted it was a magical place that they left behind and that Americans had to see.  Our visits to various places around world happen when someone has recommended it or we read about it somewhere.  We begin to make plans for our travels at least 3 months in advance and our trip to Morocco was booked in August for our Thanksgiving Holiday. 

My hope when we travel is to expose my boys to different cultures and traditions but also so that I can bring back unique artisan items for my boutique.  My husband calls it "bringing the world home".  For years I'd only bring back gifts for my family and now my customers can enjoy some exquisite treasures I've picked up along the way!

Our first stop upon arriving after a long flight with a stop over in New York was Casablanca, from there our pre-arranged driver drove us to Marrakech which was about 3 hours away.  My husband had arranged with a local travel agent to secure our hotels and itinerary.  We asked for a "cultural" tour as opposed to the typical recreational one that most Americans prefer. 

First things first, shopping!  The souk or market in Marrakech is filled with so many handmade and crafted items that you can quite easily spend a whole entire day looking around.  I had a list of items I wanted definitely get; bracelets, earrings, boots, woven baskets, hand stitched cases and lanterns.  

I was so grateful that i had my boys help me carry all of my bags, they are an amazing help to me and of course the big guy pulls out the money ; )  I've never been a big shopper for myself, but when I get started on shopping for my customers and friends I absolutely LOVE IT!

One of my favorite visits was The Majorelle Garden where famed designer Yves Saint Laurent is buried (photo above).  Learned about the native people the Berbers, who have an ancient language and traditions separate from the Arabs.  

My Alex took a beautiful photo of Rusk and I at the Marrakech Medina square with a magnificent view of the Mosque minaret. 

My Alex took a beautiful photo of Rusk and I at the Marrakech Medina square with a magnificent view of the Mosque minaret. 

We were pleasantly surprised by the country of Morocco, all the fear mongering doesn't help these small countries who strive to protect their visitors and only want us to love it as much as they! We were enveloped by Colors, fabrics, smells and the warmth of the people of Morocco.  I would go back in a second!!