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Bringing the World Home: Silver Treasures from Mexico!

Alicia ElatassiComment

Traveled from Houston to Mexico City October 8-12.  Quick detour to Taxco for handmade artisan jewelry. 

MEXICO is my parent's homeland. It was where we would go three times a year for about 20 years.  I didn't know any other place than Monterrey until I went to college and my travels expanded to include other parts of Mexico.  

I had been wanting to go to Taxco Guerrero since I had heard that it was the mecca of Silver artistry and craftsmanship.  Rusk and I discussed it in May and by June he had booked us on a flight for Mexico City in October.  

I was super excited, because not only do I love to find treasures to bring back to my customers but this is the type of cultural mecca that inspires me. We booked a driver to take us on a 2.5 hour drive south to Taxco thru mountainous ranges which caused severe nausea and vomiting for me.  I took breaks, tried smelling Vicks lol and finally we made it to our destination. I had a list of wholesalers I wanted to see, it happens that my list was old and I could only find one.  Well it turns out that the one was amazing, it had everything I wanted in one place and I brought back lovely jewelry that sold pretty fast upon arriving my boutique.